Waterborne Radon Mitigation

Connecticut Basement Systems Radon Inc.(CBSR) was the first Connecticut based company to offer waterborne radon mitigation services. Not only do we offer complete radon services, we also are a full service well water treatment and well pump provider. This is an especially important point to consider since waterborne radon mitigation is, after all, water treatment. Having mitigated waterborne radon concentrations exceeding 700,000 pCi/L, we boast the most experienced staff of radon and well water treatment experts in the radon industry.

The two most common methods or technologies utilized for waterborne radon removal are granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, and aeration. As with airborne radon mitigation, a certain progression of procedures is followed to successful completion of the project.

First, upon verification of the general water quality and radon concentrations, whether through a review of reports, re-testing, or both, a choice of technology is made for the radon removal and for the treatment of any other water quality issues.

Next, a visit to the job site is performed. The purpose of the visit is to ascertain the degree of complexity of installation relating to plumbing and electrical requirements, as well as system location, and/or sequence if being installed with other treatment equipment. A detailed outline is submitted to the prospective customer and upon acceptance of proposal, our on staff technicians install the system accordingly.


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