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If the CT, Westchester County NY, or South Western MA home that you currently own or are buying or selling has been tested for radon or water quality; Call Connecticut Basement Systems Radon for a free evaluation. 

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Our radon mitigation, well pump, and water treatment services are geared specifically to help homeowners, buyers and sellers solve these issues quickly and cost effectively.  From initial consultation to completion of installation, we offer the convenience of one stop shopping, complete with fully transferable guarantees that are backed by our Better Business Bureau "A+" rating approach to customer service.

Here are some suggestions we have after years of being involved with home buyers, sellers, and owners who've had to face  radon and water well issues;

Home Owners: Homeowners should test their homes for radon to get an idea of what their potential daily exposure risks are. See risk charts. If the home is on a private water well, the water should also be tested for radon and general overall quality (potability).  Additional water tests to consider are; lead, gross alpha, arsenic, tannins, and volatile organic compounds (VOC's). 

Addressing any issues discovered now gives you (the owner) and your family the benefits of healthier air and water while you still live in the home. This also helps protect your investment for the future and makes the home easier to market in the event you decide to sell.  Remember; when you have a water well, you are responsible for monitoring the water quality.  Groundwater is "ever-changing".

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Home Buyers: Anyone buying real estate should check for the presence of airborne and waterborne radon, and general water quality and well system function, in the home they're interested in This is true even if it's been reported that other properties in the area have been found to not have problems.  Even if previous testing of the same property revealed a "low reading" or no quality issues, you should still conduct your own testing.  Radon and water quality are "ever-changing".

Your home purchase is usually your biggest investment and it makes good investment sense to know all aspects of that investment. Rest easy in the knowledge that any issue can be resolved and once it has been, it often adds to the value of your investment.

Home Sellers: Far too often we have seen homeowners faced with an expense for radon mitigation or water treatment they had not considered when negotiating with a purchaser for the sales price of their home. We feel that in order to avoid these last minute surprises, a seller should consider "pre-testing" their home to get an idea of what might come up as an issue and solve these problems before they ever have a chance to become an issue in the later stages of a sales transaction.

Making a decision not to test simply because other homes in your area had no problem can be a risky proposition due to the "site specific" qualities inherent in both radon and water quality issues.