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Posted by Matthew Bednarz on Mon, Aug, 31, 2015 @ 11:08 AM

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I typically try to focus our blog topics on content that can help people discern what to do when dealing with radon or water quality issues.  If you, or someone you know, is contemplating buying a home with water quality or radon issues...we can help.

My goal of this post is to give perspective of scale to the the problems some people face when dealing with radon and water quality issues...and hopefully make those of us who feel they have an insurmountable situation - better.

Radon in Air concentrations:  We successfully mitigated a home in Glastonbury, CT (new construction), with an indoor airborne radon concentration of 900 pCi/l

Radon in Water: We successfully mitigated a home in Ridgefield, CT with a waterborne radon concentration that spiked as high as 1.7 million pCi/l.

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Arsenic: We installed an absorbtive media treatment system to succesfully remove an arsenic level of 24 ug/l from a private well in Weston.

Bacteria: We've installed numerous Ultra Violet Light sterilization systems for E-coli and coliform bacteria problems throughout CT and Westchester County NY.

Coliform bacteria 

Chlorides: We installed a whole house reverse osmosis system to successfully remove a chloride level of 720 mg/l in a Stamford, CT home.

Hardness: We've installed water softeners to remove hardness concentrations as high as 48 grains per gallon.

Hard water comparison

Iron in water: We've installed numerous iron filtration systems throughout CT to remove iron concentrations as high as 26 mg/l.

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Manganese in well water: We've installed oxidation / filtration systems to remove manganese concentrations as high as 7.5 mg/l

Nitrate: We've installed reverse osmosis systems to remove nitrate levels as high as 16 mg/l

pH: We've adjusted low pH water from as low as 4.6 to neutral (7.0) with a chemical injection system.

ph chart

Tannins: While not commonly tested; tannins can be difficult to remove from water...we've seen levels as high as 5 mg/l...and successfully lowered them.

Uranium: We have successfully removed uranium concentrations as high as 1,600 ug/l.

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The point of referencing the aforementioned high concentration contaminant levels that we've fixed is not for bragging rights.  It's purpose is to illustrate that treatment options exists for any level of contaminant, no matter how severe.

Contaminant levels in both air and water can, and do, fluctuate.  I've seen many homeowners lulled into having a false sense of security because at some point, they performed one test that had favorable results, and never tested again...only to find out at some point that there is a problem. 

Drilling a new well, not buying a dream home, moving to another house, not occupying certain areas of a home, are all alternatives that will avoid having to deal with these situations.  But there's a better option.  We have the ability to solve most any radon or water quality issue to keep you and your family safe and protected in the home that you love.

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