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ASD Installation Procedures

Here's where the benefits of choosing Connecticut Basement Systems become evident!


Any major cracks, penetrations, and openings in the foundation floors and walls are sealed with a heavy-duty polyurethane caulk. We favor this product for its' high tack and superior durability.  It should be noted that the sealing process is performed primarily to enhance the suction capability of an ASD system, not to "seal out" radon.

Exposed dirt crawl spaces are most often sealed off with a cross-laminated polyethylene vapor barrier. This sheet of material is laid over the exposed soil and sealed at all points creating an airtight sheet. It is very durable and resistant to punctures. Often a pipe is routed under this sheet or barrier and connected to an ASD system to help create suction. This process is called "Sub Membrane Depressurization."

Active floor drains are fitted with special check valves to allow for continued drainage capability while not impeding the radon removal process.

Sump Holes are fitted with air tight lids.

Waterproofing Systems, depending on the type and layout, can be sealed in a manner that allows for continued waterproofing efficiency and often increased radon removal efficiency. This is a particular specialty of ours as we have a sister company involved with basement waterproofing. Once this step is completed, diagnostics can now be performed.

Diagnostic Evaluation

To better characterize the nature of the problem and to help assess the most effective layout possible, the installation of an (ASD) system begins with diagnostics.This step includes verifying sub-slab permeability and pressure field extension. This is accomplished by drilling ½" test holes at strategic points in the basement slab. With the use of a vacuum or fan, tracer smoke, and/or digital manometer, the sub slab pressure field is verified.

This information along with cost considerations and aesthetic concerns lead us to the best installation option.