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Menu for Well Water Testing Options

Arsenic:  Arsenic is a naturally occurring element that is a known carcinogen. It is not included in a standard potability analysis.
Arsenic Speciation & competing ions: Allows for a comprehensive treatment scheme to be formulated.
See our blog at for an in-depth explanation.
Lead: (specify raw, treated, 1st & 2nd draw).  The effects of lead are well publicized.  Homes built before the summer of 1986 are likely to have lead in solder joints, etc.
Standard Potability: (specify raw, treated, or both).  Ground water is “ever changing” so it makes sense to regularly monitor the water quality coming out of the ground (raw)…and out of the tap (treated).
Uranium:  Uranium is a naturally occurring radioactive element.  The chemical properties of uranium are of greater concern than its radioactivity, and can affect kidney function.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s): (specify raw, treated, or both).  VOC’s are manmade chemicals that easily find their way into groundwater supplies.  All are dangerous and are linked to cancer, liver, and kidney disease.
Waterborne Radon: It’s a good idea to check the raw water.  Groundwater is “ever changing”.
Specialty testing is also available. Call for details & pricing.